RELet is part of the Goldman Hunter Group, a conglomerate of property related companies established in 1995, with a multi-million pound property portfolio.

    Our business focus is ensuring continuity of let. We achieve this through a constant process of liaising with landlords and tenants to ensure that landlords achieve consistent lets and tenants find the homes they want.

    Our service for landlords reflects our focus on cost effective management of the property.

    We have leveraged our relationships with partners to give you:

    1. The lowest insurance quotes for your buy to let property

    2. Our ‘find a tenant service’ and full management includes Free Gas Certs and EPC's

    3. Portfolio development – we have a consistent supply of high quality buy to let investment property

    4. We are project management specialists in property refurbishment and development

    5. You get full access to our CRM system which will help you manage your property

    6. Access to full mortgage services through our partner Lycia


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    RElet have a comprehensive service for tenants, which ensures your 'home let' is as comfortable as possible.


    Above and beyond normal practice our service offers

    1. ‘Complete Move’ service which will help you relocate to your new home.
    2. ‘Rent to Buy’ schemes as well as advice on getting on the housing ladder
    3. Shared ownership
    4. New home mortgages
    5. Discounted Property

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